Cara Ledford, No One Alone (NOA) – Executive Director

“We are so thankful to work with Kathleen Childs and her amazing group at ASG!  Their knowledge of BOTH nonprofit bookkeeping and grant coordination has proven itself priceless time and time again, leaving us more time to focus on our mission.  Aside from handing the day to day number crunching, ASG also manages our payroll and human resource administrative needs, allowing us to focus even more on our shelter program and services to victims of domestic violence.  I can’t imagine a NOA without an ASG.  Thank you for all you do for our organization!”

Tammi Scales, White Interiors

“ASG is the most professional and kind organization I have ever worked with. They go above and beyond what they need to. They are eager to help in anyway they can even if it’s out of their job description. All of their employees are willing to help with any need you might have.


I am blessed to have found this group ! I can’t thank ASG enough. ”




Jacqueline Daniel, ConnectAbility – For Children and Adults with Special Needs

“Kathleen and the staff at ASG has made it possible for our small nonprofit to grow and expand our vision to reach more individuals and families affected by disabilities. By ASG providing payroll & bookkeeping support, we are able to focus our efforts on working with the families that we serve.

ASG is a vital part of ConnectAbility and we can’t imagine being successful without them!”


Bill Johnston, Two Wheels of Suches – Owner

“While I had been successful in the business for years, I had never actually owned a business.  So when it came setting up an accounting system, a point of sale system and payroll for a small business, I had no idea where to begin.  A friend suggested I talk to Kathleen at ASG.  What a find! Kathleen and her staff carried me through the whole process and continue to handle my administrative needs and payroll.   And on top of that they’ve become good friends!  I highly recommend them. ”

Sabrina M. Walker, Spirits Tavern – Owner

“I had never owned a business before opening Spirits Tavern.  I did have a plan in place for what I thought I would do, but knew I would need help facilitating everything.  I was referred (by several people) to ASG.  Partnering with the ladies at ASG was one of the single best decisions I made throughout the process of opening my own business.  They literally handle everything.  Filing taxes, renewing licensing, payroll, bill pay….EVERYTHING.  All of this aside, I gained three very lovely and very dear friends.  I feel completely supported.  They have counseled me on several occasions regarding big decisions for the restaurant and bar.

I would have it no other way than to have ASG as my “facilitators”.  I feel extremely fortunate to have these women supporting Spirits Tavern. ”

Billy Luesing, Chestatee Real Estate

“What a difference a choice can make.  Our company has been relying on ASG for several years now and I don’t know how we got along without them.  Their services have proved invaluable and their customer service goes beyond the norm and has actually developed into real relationships.  When it comes to these types of services you have to have full trust and confidence and that is what these guys have gained with their hard work and extra efforts.”